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We are on a culinary mission specifically working with and for the betterment of tribal communities. Wellness and Health through Indigenous foods.


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Brian Yazzie aka Yazzie The Chef

Founder/Owner of Intertribal Foodways

Brian Yazzie aka Yazzie the Chef (Diné/Navajo) is from Dennehotso, Arizona and based out of Saint Paul, MN. Yazzie has a degree of Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Culinary Arts from Saint Paul College 2016. He is a summer resident chef at Dream of Wild Health farm, a team member at Indigenous Food Lab based out of Minneapolis, MN, a delegate of Slow Food  Turtle Island Association, and a team member at I-Collective: a collective of cooks, chefs, seed keepers, farmers, foragers, and scholars, focused on bringing awareness to the cultural appropriations of indigenous foods of the Americas. 


Brian and his Fiancée, Danielle Polk (Hoonmana Polk) are the Founders/Owners of Intertribal Foodways. A culinary mission specifically working with and for the betterment of tribal communities, wellness and health through Indigenous foods. They travel internationally and are available for catering, private dinners, pop up dinners, chef demos & cooking classes, collaborations, and presentations on indigenous food sovereignty.


Danielle (Hoonmana) Polk


Danielle Polk (Hoonmana) is of Diné/San Carlos Apache/Quechan. She is from Winterhaven, California and currently residing in Saint Paul, MN. She has an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts from Saint Paul College.


As the CO-OWNER / COO of Intertribal Foodways and the Administrative Assistant at ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) Law Center in Minneapolis, Danielle brings cultural knowledge in helping tribal communities for the betterment of the next generation.  

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